Could You Help Me Get These Garbanzo Beans Off Of My Hands?

Hello, my name is Marty Turner. You might know me from not knowing me unless we’ve met. Whatever our history together isn’t, I have a problem and I hope you have the solution. See, I had a huge family reunion on my calendar for a couple of months and as any Turner, or Turner adjacentContinue reading “Could You Help Me Get These Garbanzo Beans Off Of My Hands?”


My Time On A Recreational Swim Team

At first, things were great. I was welcomed to the team with open arms! The boys and I would swim, swim, swim – not unlike our brethren working on the railroad – all the livelong day! We’d laugh, we’d cheer each other on, we’d slap each other on the ass. A couple of the guysContinue reading “My Time On A Recreational Swim Team”